Basement excavation in Toronto has become very popular amongst the property owners . The idea is to have a safe house to stay as well as converting the rough basement area into a lively useful place.

The concept of basement waterproofing considers internal walls as well as external walls. It is important that both the walls should be waterproof in order to keep water from seeping and damaging the walls. It is primarily important for old property owners as well as the ones getting new construction done to get waterproofing of the property done in order to extend the life of the building. Basement excavation is easy affordable and it should be noted that in Toronto, internal wall waterproofing is comparatively cheaper as compared to external walls. This is because the water still enters in internal wall waterproofing and the further damage is prevented. In external waterproofing of the walls the water does not enter the walls and is kept away from the foundation.

For the exterior basement walls there are two ways of preventing water to seep into your walls. One is by the drainage system and the other is by barrier system. On the side there is also adjustment of the drainage system by diverting the flow of water. Drainage allows the water to flow in a different direction rather than flowing toward the basement walls. Diversion basically means rain gutters around your house. In the barrier system, you apply a waterproof coat on the exterior walls to stop the water from coming in. these methods help in preventing water from leaking into your walls through small cracks, gaps a well as pores on the walls. All these methods could be applied together to effectively protect your house from water damage.

There is a major amount of excavation required to be done when it is the drainage system or whether it is the barrier system. The major amount of money is spent on the excavation process and hence the interior walls waterproofing is preferred over the exterior walls waterproofing. You should however hire the services of a professional foundation contractor who knows his job well because excavation work is usually very risky for the humans as well as the building. It is risky because excess excavation can shift the base of the foundation and the damage could be unsafe on a larger scale.

There may be damage to the underlying utility line due to excess excavation.

The exterior drainage system is also referred to as the footer drains or the tile drains. The channels are dug around the foundation perimeter. This channel is usually filled with gravel. In the middle of this lies the pipe for drainage. This pipe is perforated and allows water to come in. due to this the majority of water easily seeps in through the pipe because of the sufficient space as well as lack of resistance. Through the trenches, the water easily enters the pipe which further takes the water away from the foundation walls.