The foundation of the house which is the basement helps transfer the entire weight of the property towards the soil and the rocks lying underneath. In case of improper settling of the foundation, repairs are done. If not corrected, the foundation can be considered highly unsafe. The reasons for improper foundation could be many but a few reasons that need to be addressed are buildings are made on expensive clay with improper filling of soil and improper maintenance of the exterior as well as the interior walls of the foundation. The other reasons could be that there are unsuspected air pockets underlying the building foundation. If they cave in, it could be considered unsafe for you and your family.

The major reasons for foundation repairs are walls that are cracked as well as doors that do not shut completely. These occur when one side of the foundation is unaligned compared to the rest of the foundation. You could see the signs for yourself when you notice wall rotations, moldings displacement, bricks that are cracked, and there is a significant spacing around the windows as well as the doors of the foundation. The signs you would notice on the interiors would be improper settling of the floor, cracks on the surface of the floor as well as non alignment of the doors as well as the windows.

Piering as well as slab jacking are considered the best ways of foundation repairs.

In slab jacking, grout is added underneath a beam or a slab. This provides a lifting force and brigs the slab or the beam to its original position and also adds strength to it. It is important to check the amount of sand that is used which you add the grout.

In case of piering, there is use of steel posts which are directed through the unstable soil area. The hydraulic jacks are most commonly used which stabilizes these concrete slabs which with time gets weak due to the various changes that take place in the soil that is underlying. There is also the use of steel beams as the compressive strength of the concrete is high. These are used in order to prevent the piers to be pulled apart by the forces of underlying expansive soil. It roughly takes about a month for the repairs to be done but it could get extended further depending upon the nature of the soil underneath the foundation as well as the weather conditions.

Your house is a place where you live, laugh and relax and should be safe for everybody who is staying in the house. To avoid accidents due to structural reasons, you have to ensure that the foundation of the building that is the basement is strong and structurally balanced. The safety is achieved when the foundation repairs are carried out, giving you no reason what so ever to feel unsafe as well as providing adequate strength to the structure of the building that you live in.