Lack of waterproofing of the foundation walls of your house could turn out to be the biggest nightmare for the home owners. There are many consequences. Here we would first tell you about the damage that is caused by wet basement and then the preventive and curative measures for fixing it..


Health wise, wet basements are a cause of concern due to mildews, molds as well as bacteria that are present on the wet walls as well as the spores of these bacteria and molds are present in the air. The level of humidity increases in the house that leads to higher costs in terms of heating in the house and can also cause allergic reactions of the body.

The structural integrity of the building also gets compromised in such a case as the foundation of the building becomes weak. You would notice pores and cracks on the walls that allow the leakage of water into the building.

The waterproofing is usually done at the time of construction of the building. For the ones who have old constructions, it is possible to still get your basement waterproofed. You would be required to hire professionals in order to do so. At the time of construction waterproofing is done with the process called tanking, this brings in the use of polymerized waterproofing material and is also called as waterproofing of the exterior walls. At the time of construction, a typical bonding agent is uniformly applied on the exterior walls which tends to keep the water away from the building and forms the first protection coat as well.

Secondly the drainage system is put in order. The footer drains are put around the perimeter of the foundation wall and external drainage pipes are also put in place which takes the water away from the building towards the main drain of the areas. A sump pump is also used along with the PVC pipes that also lead the water away from the building. People also use the system of cavity drainage which also inclines the water away from the building. This drain is often called the French drain.

Interior walls waterproofing is one of the best methods to tackle humidity. By using this way of waterproofing, you ensure a healthy environment for your family to live in.