Many would not notice it but the most important part of your house is your basement as it is the foundation of your home. The walls of the foundation should be well protected and well maintained so that it does not get affected by the cracks in the walls, saves the walls from water damage as well as flooding. If ignored, the repair later would turn out be an expensive affair for you. In foundation wall waterproofing, the water is directed away from the exterior walls of the basement and protection is provided from water leakage. The cracks present on the walls as well as the presence of molds and mildew are the indicators for you to get your foundation water proofed. These indicators suggest that there is a lot of water that is pressing against the exterior walls of your property and you need foundation wall waterproofing.


This is done by excavating a well planned trench around the exterior walls of your property that should reach the other footer drains.

It is important that you call and consult a foundation contractor for his services as well as get your foundation walls waterproofed. This would help your basement from flooding and excess water damage.

There are two aspects of foundation wall waterproofing: for exteriors and for the interiors. This is done in the following manner:

Foundation wall waterproofing for exterior walls: here a trench is dug up around the property and a drain pipe is installed. After the tiling is done, backfilling of the soil which is to be placed on the top that would be inclined towards the other end of the house which is away from the property so as to make sure that the water does not seep into the walls. Then you have to do parging of the exterior walls. Here you would be required to use a waterproofing material which is to be placed between the exterior walls and the soil. After this you would be required to coat the exterior walls with epoxy so as to make sure no amount of water seeps in through the walls. This can be done along with the digging of the trench as it makes the task easier to perform.

Foundation wall waterproofing of the interior walls: the water proofing membranes as well as products are often used for the interior walls too. This ensures that no amount of water would be able to damage the interior walls of the basement. These help cover up small cracks and openings on the internal walls and you could paint it thereafter by using waterproofing paints.

Steps like these ensure that the foundation of your house that is the basement is in a perfect condition for any kind of weather as well as give s extra strength to the foundation walls. This also ensure long structural life of the exterior as well as the interior walls of your foundation along with ensuring high resale value of your property.

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