The older the construction, the more there is a need for the water proofing membrane and if it is a new construction, you should always use foundation water proofing membrane in order to avoid the water issues later in life. Water easily leaks into the basement through tiny openings which end up damaging the walls of your basement as well as the floor of the basement. This is why there is dampness in the air of a wet basement. This also leads to formation of molds on the walls along with cracks on them. This can be a high risk situation as the area becomes can lead to electrocution due to presence of water as well as failure of the functioning of water heaters as well as other appliances. The issue of wet foundation affects many home owners on almost regular basis. In such case foundation water proofing is a solution.

It is important to hire foundation contractors who would help you energy, time as well as money. It is important that you know about the kind of foundation water proofing would be required for your property as well it would keep you well informed on whatever gets done in the name of foundation water proofing. It is important to choose the right kind of waterproofing material as well as techniques in order to save the basement from water issues.

You should consult a foundation contractor about the kind of material being used for water proofing of the basement.
In the market you would find various water proofing products so here are your options to choose from:

  • Liquid rubber foundation waterproofing membrane:

It is an elastomeric coating which is polymerized and is made from liquid rubber. This is the same kind of material used in the tires of the cars.

The biggest advantage about this product is that application of the membrane is easy; it dries up quickly and is applied cold. You could use it in your basement yourself by using sprays and rollers. The liquid turns into elastic rubber coat which fills up the minute holes in the walls as well as the cracks. The rubber used is flexible. This rubber membrane is available in many forms such as environmental friendly and solvent free. The other plus point of this membrane is that it is economical.

This compound is rubberized asphalt which forms a membrane that is flexible, strong and monolithic. This could also be extensively used on the roof.

The advantage of this product is that it is compatible to all kinds of structural surfaces. This can be used ideally for the surfaces that are rough and uneven. It prevents moisture build up, eliminates migration of water, is water tight, seems free as well as monolithic.

  • Sheet membranes:

It is made of asphalt that is laminated which is water proofed to a polyethylene film. The thickness of the material is consistent and they are strong in nature and can resist hydrostatic pressure. It can successfully cover the larger cracks and holes.

  • Cementaitious foundation membrane:

It is cement based and is flexible. It is quick and easy to use. It is also paintable and easily accessible. Comes in various different colors and is cheap in terms of costings.

  • Bentonite waterproofing membrane:

It is available as clay panels as well as sheets.  It can easily absorb a high amount of water. It is flexible, non toxic, does not cause fumes, non polluting and could easily be applied during cold seasons.

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