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The foundation of a home is the basement which forms the foundation to hold the building in place. Basement is one of the most important part of the house and not many homeowners pay much attention to it. If the foundation is maintained as well as well protected, it could help you from damage due to water, cracks as well as flooding of the basement. Foundation waterproofing channelizes water away from the basement which gets deposited in some other safe area. You just have to look around the exteriors of your home in order to judge if your house is water proof. In cases where you notice cracks on the exterior or the interiors, mold and mildew on the walls, this acts as an indicator that your house needs foundation water proofing. This occurs due to the fact that there is too much of water around the exterior of the basement and you would need to get foundation water proofing done for your home.

In case you require the foundation water proofing, you would be required to exhume a trench around the perimeter of your home which reaches the drains. These drains are perforated pipes made of plastic which is around your house which leads the excess ground water away from the house towards the major drain or towards a different location. These drains have backfill which are present above the major drains. In older constructions, the house is surrounded with a material which is clay like around the foundation which does not allow the seepage of water in the minor drains and lead the water away from the house. This in turn results in the hydrostatic pressure of the clay and saturates it which causes damage to the walls of your basement.

It is important that the foundation contractor dig out the minor drains and start backfilling of trenches with the use of limestone aggregate which allows proper drainage.  With foundation waterproofing, you would end up protecting your basement from excess water damage and flooding for many years.

In cases where the foundation is unfinished, you would not necessarily notice the effect of the wet walls of the basement as there would be a lot of other construction or repair work to be done. But you should know that ignoring a wet foundation and by not getting a foundation water proofing done, you would be adding unnecessary expenses later on in life.

So how does one know as to when to get foundation water proofing done?

In a house that is under construction, it is vital that you start with the water proofing of the foundation and ask your foundation contractor to being work simultaneously.

In an already constructed house or an old construction, you would get to see molds on the wet walls of the basement as well as mildew. In cases as such, it would be harder for you to breathe as the moulds discharges spores in the air. These can also be toxic which can further lead to severe headaches as well as other health issues. As the place would be damp due to wetness in the walls, there would be bugs as well as bacteria present on the walls and in the air. It also leads to rotting of the foundation which makes the basement weak. You should notice the presence of water on the walls, stuffy air, cracks on the foundation walls, mold present on the surface of the walls and in such a case, get foundation waterproofing done as soon as possible.