The house you are currently living in should be a place that is safe for you as well as your family. The kind of foundation you have decides the safety of the house that you are living in. Yes, the safety is dependent on the kind of foundation because a weak and wet basement cannot support the building structure for a long time and also brings with it many harmful conditions for you.


In case your basement is wet, the water is most probably coming in through the walls that have cracks in them along with the cracked floor or there are pores present of the concrete. In case the concrete is not mixed properly, you would notice concrete cracks on the floor as well as the wall. These concrete pores enlarge with time if the concrete is saturated because of the water. There are numerous options available for you to get basement waterproofing done.

In cases where there are cracks present on the walls or the floor, there is “do it yourself” technique where you would have to use a repair kit of hydrophobic polyurethane. These kits are water activated. These tend to expand as well as react, the moment they come in contact with water there by filling the cracks that are present on the walls and the floor. The cement based products that are available do work effectively but is just a temporary solution to this problem so it is advised you do not use them.

You could successfully use the concrete sealers that penetrate the wall in order to prevent water from coming inside your walls. These concrete sealers are of two types namely the penetrating sealers and coating sealers. Coating sealers tend to flake once the water manages to get inside the walls. The epoxy based concrete sealers entrap the water inside the walls which could later detoriate the concrete. The penetrating sealers on the other hand act below the concrete surface and block the water from penetrating inside the walls and hence are preferred over the coating sealers. They also are long lasting.

You could use a number of solutions to prevent the water from coming into your foundation walls. Basement waterproofing is essential as there are many a times when there is heavy rain fall or the pipe within the walls are leaking, which causes the walls of the foundation to get wet.

The wet basement wall is an issue of concern as it not only affects the structural integrity of the foundation, but health wise is also an issue of concern. You could consult with the waterproofing contractors in your neighborhood and discuss as to what kind of basement waterproofing would suit your house.

These professional would guide you well and help you protect your house from many health and safety issues. Before you hire a professional for basement waterproofing, it is advised you do some amount of research yourself. You could check online about the kinds of solutions available and what are the kinds of products available too.

Many would not notice it but the most important part of your house is your basement as it is the foundation of your home. The walls of the foundation should be well protected and well maintained so that it does not get affected by the cracks in the walls, saves the walls from water damage as well as flooding. If ignored, the repair later would turn out be an expensive affair for you. In foundation wall waterproofing, the water is directed away from the exterior walls of the basement and protection is provided from water leakage. The cracks present on the walls as well as the presence of molds and mildew are the indicators for you to get your foundation water proofed. These indicators suggest that there is a lot of water that is pressing against the exterior walls of your property and you need foundation wall waterproofing.


This is done by excavating a well planned trench around the exterior walls of your property that should reach the other footer drains.

It is important that you call and consult a foundation contractor for his services as well as get your foundation walls waterproofed. This would help your basement from flooding and excess water damage.

There are two aspects of foundation wall waterproofing: for exteriors and for the interiors. This is done in the following manner:

Foundation wall waterproofing for exterior walls: here a trench is dug up around the property and a drain pipe is installed. After the tiling is done, backfilling of the soil which is to be placed on the top that would be inclined towards the other end of the house which is away from the property so as to make sure that the water does not seep into the walls. Then you have to do parging of the exterior walls. Here you would be required to use a waterproofing material which is to be placed between the exterior walls and the soil. After this you would be required to coat the exterior walls with epoxy so as to make sure no amount of water seeps in through the walls. This can be done along with the digging of the trench as it makes the task easier to perform.

Foundation wall waterproofing of the interior walls: the water proofing membranes as well as products are often used for the interior walls too. This ensures that no amount of water would be able to damage the interior walls of the basement. These help cover up small cracks and openings on the internal walls and you could paint it thereafter by using waterproofing paints.

Steps like these ensure that the foundation of your house that is the basement is in a perfect condition for any kind of weather as well as give s extra strength to the foundation walls. This also ensure long structural life of the exterior as well as the interior walls of your foundation along with ensuring high resale value of your property.

It is of utmost importance that you get your basement or foundation waterproofed so as to avoid the major issues of wet walls which could be due to leaks in the basement walls along with cracks. To avoid damage to your property, it is important that you get the walls of the foundation waterproofed.

To repair the wet basement, one of the most common procedures is keeping water away from the walls and is called basement wall waterproofing. Services as such are provided by many companies that deal with repair solutions. They deal with issues like cracks on the walls of the basement as well as the leakage issues.


A damp foundation would not only affect the one who uses the basement, but also the rest of the family members living on the other levels of the house. It is unhygienic and unsafe to live in such a house as the dampness of the walls affects the structural ability of the foundation as well as is risky on the health front too. A moist basement can lead to various kinds of accidents too which could be due to slippery floor and slippery steps. Wet basement also cause issues when the water from the walls and floor reaches the electrical wirings that could leads to major accidents in your house.

It is important that you hire a professional to waterproof the basement walls as well as the lower foundation floor in order to keep safety of everyone living in the house. Wet basement repair is done by professionals who would further explain as to why waterproofing is important and with the kind of various solutions that are available for you to choose from or would be beat for your property.

With time, the cracks on the damp walls as well as the wet floor would begin to expand, leading to structural instability of the property that you are living in. in such a case you would be required to hire professional to stop further damage to your house. Wet basement repair could turn out to be very expensive in case you keep on ignoring the issue of the wet basement.

For molds as well as the bacteria’s, a wet basement is an ideal place to breed as well as multiply which further leads to major health problems amongst the family members of the house as they would be breathing the air that would have mold spores as well as bacterial spores in it. The air hence becomes unfit to live in. Removal of the pores as well as molds are also a part of the process. It becomes a curative measure.

Ideally it is recommended that you use the preventive measure at the first place that would be waterproofing of the interior walls of the basement as well as the exterior walls of the foundation. Making sure that the walls of the foundation are dry and well sealed, waterproofing of the wet basement and wet basement repairs is what you should be concerned with.