Waterproofing Services in Toronto

We offer a range of residential and commercial waterproofing services in Greater Toronto Area.

Foundation Waterproofing

A ranger of services offered in the GTA area such as foundation waterproofing to cure your foundation problems, repairs to temporary and long term fixes, wall waterproofing with a high quality mebrane for long term results.

Basement Crack Repair

A crack in the basement can add up to thousands of dollars. We can fix fix cracks in the basement as well as in the concrete.

Basement Waterproofing

The core of the entire house stands on the basement. A leak can result in enourmously, sometimes irreversible damage to the foundation. We offer basement waterproofing in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA.

Leaky Basement Repair

Short and long term leak repair services in the GTA area. Competitive prices.

Concrete Lowering

Expert concrete lowering service in the GTA area.