As an owner of a house, you are liable for repair and maintenance for the safety of the building as well as the members of the family living in that house and also to take care of the value of your property. Many have been troubled by the issue of wet basement in their houses which causes a number of other problems which are beyond the lowest level of your house and requires immediate attention and repair.

Wet basement is a cause of trouble because dampness of the walls brings with it many other problems too. Wet basement can destroy the finishing of the basement. Water in your basement could destroy the furniture, the floor as well as lots of other appliances that are kept in the basement in case you are using the basement for more than storage purposes.

Presence of water in the basement is the major attractant for the insects. There are various kinds of bugs as well as insects that get attracted to water as well as dark places. In such a situation, the insects and bugs find it convenient to grow and further reproduce on the damp walls. This is unhygienic at all the possible levels and can affect the health of the people living in the house.

Mold along with mildews grow easily on damp walls and multiply at a faster rate. As they multiply, the molds along with mildews spread all over the house and are not just limited to the walls of the basement which is another cause of concern. This leads to the growth of the mold spores that are released in the air and can turn harmful for the ones living inside the house as they would breathe the infiltrated air with spores in them. This is risky for the health.

Dampness of the walls due to wet basement or leakage of water in the walls is a perfect setting for the growth and multiplication of the bacteria’s in the house. A damp and a humid environment are ideal for the growth of the bacteria. This would be again risky for you health and that of your loved ones if it spreads to the other levels of the house too making it unsafe for your family to stay in. you would be compromising of the health front in this case.

The ability of the house structurally gets compromised and affects the basic foundation of your house. It would also lower the value of your house and would become a major issue if you are planning to resell your property. The foundation starts to rot in presence of water and nobody would want to live in a house whose foundation is rotting.

These reasons are good enough for you to start thinking about waterproofing solutions for your basement. There are a variety of solutions available such as exterior wall waterproofing and interior walls waterproofing. You could contact a foundation contractor who would help you understand the various kinds of solutions available for wet basement issues.

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